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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cell Tower Proposal Atop Cinder Pits

US Cellular has applied for a permit with the Forest Service to place a cell tower atop the uppermost cinder pit off road 1420. Last nite a meeting was held at the Camp Sherman Community Hall to open a dialog for voicing comment and concerns. Three representatives from US Cellular and the Forest Service gave presentations and answered questions.

In the proposal US Cellular will "rent" the area from the Forest Service, enclosing an 80' by 80' area to construct a tower that will reach 100' in height. US Cellular will also offer the opportunity for other service providers to utilize the tower for reception, including safety services. A road on the north side of the uppermost pit would be built for access purposes.

Be certain to let your voice be heard:
US Forest Service, Sister - 541-549-7706 OR
Sommer Moore -

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