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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Annual Meeting July 5th at 1PM

The MRFHA annual meeting will be Saturday, July 5th 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM, at the Camp Sherman Community Hall. Don Ratliff, senior fish biologist for PGE, will make a presentation, regarding fish restoration efforts and activities at Round Butte dam and the headwaters.

Additionally, Michael Riehle, Fishery Biologist, Sisters Ranger District, will speak (Article in this issue)

Jeff Sims will also be there to discuss permit renewals and the lot appraisal process, amongst other matters.

Finally, Oregon Senator Ben Westlund is expected to join us to discuss LUBA's recent decision and where the issue on destination resort development in the Metolius River area stands. Senator Westlund is a candidate for State Treasurer; historically State Treasurers have been effective in protecting special and unique places.

Call to LOT Appraisals Meeting!!!!

The MRFHA Lot Appraisals will occur as requirred every 10 years, on July 13th 2008.

At 10 AM to Noon on July 12th at The Deschutes Forest Supervisor's Office, 1001 SW Emkay, Bend, the appraiser will meet with cabin, and discuss the process and answer questions. We encourage lot Permit holders on the Metolius River to attend this important meeting if at all able! Make sure the appraiser understands that, as a minimum:
  1. There is a public right-of-way between our lots and the Metolius, which effectively defines the lots as NOT River-Side Lots...Extremely important!
  2. Major market impacts have reduced values on lots in Jefferson and Deschutes Counties, which the market as recognized as 'Over-Valued' and these drops MAY not be reflected in any sales used as comps expect the very recent ones within the last 4-6 months.
  3. Though the forest service directs the comps be of bare lots at FAIR MARKET VALUE the FS lots have restrictions that greatly reduce the lot 'fair market value' and these restrictions vary from Forest to Forest; thus it is appropriate and reasonable that the restrictions on Metolius permits must at least be understood by the appraiser during his process.
Try to make this important meeting on the 12th, then if you are able you can meet with the appraiser on the 13th as he inspects the 6 Typical Lots.

MRFHA - Camp Sherman

MRFHA - Camp Sherman
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