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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Fees - There seems to be NO end to it!

The FS has notified us that
  1. Despite the Under Secretary of the Interior's direction to charge 2008 fees plus 2%
  2. Despite all the Press saying we homeowners are 'cutting a fat hog', because fees aren't being implemented per CUFFA
  3. Despite the fact the the FS has already collected fees at CUFFA rates from most (if not all) of us
The FS NOW maintains that there was 'inefficient authority' to charge anything LESS that what CUFFA provides for; thus, our fees as billed and paid least for the time being.

The matter will be referred to the NFH Association for guidance. So if you are a periodic reader of this site AND a permit holder, stay tuned and keep reading this blog. We'll post any chages when we're made aware of 'em.

Monday, February 9, 2009

So what's NEW?

Well, what's NEW is that the OLD battle for the right(s) to build Destination Resorts in the greater Metolius Basin goes on and on, ad nauseum. People are lining up, taking sides, making friends (and enemies) on this hotly contested issue. Even the Governor seems to finally be waking up to the issue and making plans for action. It's just hard to tell from those plans which side of the issue (and of the Basin) he is on.

Just a clue: It's NOT about Betsy Johnson..or the Johnson Family Trust or any of that diversionary stuff. It IS about water, property rights, public interests and truth, justice and the American way. Stay tuned. Or contact your legislators if you want to know REAL confusion on the issue.

One click-able source of information (and hey, ALL sources have a bias, so don't beat me up) is Save the Metolius

Another on the other side of the issue might be The Metolian

Or, if you like fantasy, anything written by the Bend Bulletin but ESPECIALLY this piece :
Metolius basin may become off-limits

Bottom line? Form your own opinion(s) and let them be heard. This is an issue that WILL impact the users of the Metolius, even if we can't all agree on just how.

Something OLD in the news department would be the lack of clear direction on the over-billing - over payment of lease fees for most if not virtually ALL of the Metolius tract. We wait...but we don't LIKE it. Good thing for the FS that interest rates are so low.


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MRFHA - Camp Sherman
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