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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clarification on Newsletter Article!

Recently we published the MRFHA August/Sept Newsletter and in it an article entitled "MRFHA Membership Unraveled". Unfortunately the article was NOT factual, misstating the conditions for membership in the Cabin Owners Association and who could vote. What the article SHOULD have said is...

Regular membership includes persons who meet the following conditions: they hold special use permits, or are cabin co-owners and/or are family members of permittees or co-owners . . . and . . . have paid all dues.

Associate members are those who have been designated as such by a majority vote of the board of directors and have paid the annual dues. (Currently there are none)

Other member classes may be determined by the board. (Currently there are none)

MRFHA Bylaws do not allow proxy voting. To have a vote a member must be present when a vote is called. Therefore, by way of an example, a family member, friend or cabin co-owner who is present at a meeting but NOT a member of the association may NOT vote when a vote has been called for.

Having said all this our practice regarding a these issues has always attempted to follow the intent of the by-laws.

MRFHA - Camp Sherman

MRFHA - Camp Sherman
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