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Monday, December 22, 2008

New Fees...

All the Metolius Cabins have their new fee by now and it's a bit of a hefty boost. We'd expected it, and dreaded it...but here it is.

The FS is just following procedure....and the rules of CUFFA set the formula for fees, so we're sort of stuck with it unless the rules can be changed. You're encouraged to support the CUFFA II group which seeks to modify CUFFA rules. If you need to know more visit the NFH link at this site or at the site for the NFH link.

And be prepared. It's gonna get worse...probably by 2011...That's when the NEW appraisals that just were done go into affect.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Permits ISSUED!

If you are a permitee on the Metolius you should have just revceived your 20 year Permit renewal. For god's sake read it right away and read it carefully! If you see anything that gives you trouble and you want the MRFHA Board to know about it send us an e-mail or call 503-530-6623 and ask for Mark.

This is the most important thing you've done about your cabin in the last 20 years so give it the importance it deserves. No surprises is OUR motto.

MRFHA - Camp Sherman

MRFHA - Camp Sherman
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