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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mad as HELL? ... Not gonna take it ANY MORE?

If you are a MRFHA cabin owner and you just got your lot appraisal/fee notice for 2011 and you're THRILLED about it there's no reason you'll wanna read this post. But if it makes you want to sell or scream...or is something you can do. Oh, don't tell us you already did this once. Hey, if you didn't get the response you wanted obviously ONCE was not enough.

Visit the NFHA Site and read about 'Cabin Coalition 2'...and stay informed. There may be something we can do to make cabin ownership affordable again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Survey participants needed! Read this post!

The National Forest Homeowners Assoc is doing an important survey and your participation is very VERY important. Data is being gathered regarding CUFFA rules and the Cabin Coalition's efforts to alter the rules to comply with their intent...and to NOT push cabin owners out with crazy exorbitant fees that miss the intention of the program altogether.

If you are a cabin permittee please take a second and follow this link to complete the survey on line...
NFH Cabin OWNERS Survey

Thank'll be glad you took the time.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Appraisal results starting to arrive....

Some members are beginning to report they are receiving results of the latest lot appraisals conducted in 2008 on the Metolius Cabin tracts. If you got yours we'd like to hear from you. Be sure to include the appraisal amount and your Tract and Lot # and lets us know if you are expecting us to contact you.

At least ONE member in Tract O received notice that the market value of their leased lot is $90,000. The past value 10 years ago was 55,000. Since that was the HIGHEST value 10 years ago we'd expect that 90k is the highest we'll see. That'd be a 63% increase over the last appraisal.

A $90,000 value brings a $4,500 annual permit fee in 2011, when the new fees are expected to go into affect, assuming CUFFA law isn't altered. That's about $1,300 MORE than was JUST billed in 2009, about a 36% increase.

If you aren't happy with your fees then you had better explore what you can do to support the national group looking to apply pressure to re-examine the fairness of the Cabin Fee Fairness Act. We can help put you in touch with those folks if you Email us at

MRFHA - Camp Sherman

MRFHA - Camp Sherman
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